About Us

Excelleris Technologies Inc. was created to revolutionize the delivery of electronic health information. Founded in 1999, by healthcare professionals, Excelleris is a software and services health information management company.

A Clear Vision

Healthcare has been undergoing an evolution driven partly by the emergence of disparate electronic health information systems, such as practice management and lab information applications. Excelleris was established to help healthcare organizations better manage their health information.
Its founders envisioned a patient-centric healthcare environment with interoperability solutions that enabled organizations to seamlessly leverage their technology investments. These solutions would provide healthcare professionals with fast accessible patient information, resulting in improved clinical decision-making. Today, Excelleris is the realization of the possibilities we all envisioned.

Aligned with the Canada Health Infoway Electronic Health Record Solution (EHRS) Blueprint, Excelleris’ innovative patient-centric healthcare solutions transform data into clinical knowledge. Using a uniquely integrated approach that links disparate systems, Excelleris provides physicians with an electronic longitudinal record that supports informed decision-making and higher quality patient care.

Experienced Team

The entire Excelleris team brings years of experience in healthcare software applications, medical diagnostics, private practices, clinics and hospitals. A dedicated team of professionals – including software engineers, technical architects, developers, client support personnel and clinical systems analysts support Excelleris solutions.

Strong Values - Privacy & Security

Excelleris affirms that its responsibility is to maintain the integrity and privacy of the personal information that it is entrusted to deliver. Since our inception, we have regarded privacy and security as paramount and have incorporated that philosophy into all of our solution designs. Comprehensive privacy and confidentiality policies and procedures govern our every activity. The latest in security solutions ensures "end to end" data encryption.

Innovative Leaders

Excelleris was an early adopter of industry standards such as Extensible Markup Language (XML), Health Level 7 (HL7), Lab Test Standard (LTS), Logical Observation Identifier Names and Codes (LOINC) and Clinical Context Object Workgroup (CCOW). Through the use of these standards the Excelleris applications provide an efficient and flexible design ensuring that critical data is always available and accurate.

Better Healthcare

Currently, Excelleris Launchpad and Rover applications are used by over 5800 BC physicians to increase productivity and improve communication and information sharing. These solutions provide healthcare professionals with immediate 24 hour access to consolidated patient information. Regardless of whether the health professional is in a private practice or an emergency room setting, Launchpad and Rover deliver a unified view of aggregated patient data to support better decision-making and better care.

And now through my ehealth, patients can actively participate in their own healthcare.